Roses Are Dead, My Love

The Big Thrill says, “These cozy mysteries offer a host of plot twists, intrigue, and enjoyable characters, notable among this last group being the sisters’ feisty, quirky, yet insightful mother, Angela Forrest.”

Roses Are Dead, My Love

Roses Are Dead Cover 001

 Blackmail is an ugly word, but an even uglier deed. And dragging Mickey Mantle into it is just plain un-American, not to mention deadly.

Things are going well for the Forrest sisters. Business is thriving. They have a handsome, slightly mysterious, new neighbor. And, best of all, they haven’t found a dead body in over six months.

But under the spell of an early summer heatwave, Old Towne seems to be cursed. A dog house goes up in flames. Mail is being misdirected on an epic scale. The town has acquired an elusive jogger whose rather obscene indiscretions are frequent and obnoxious. Worst of all, there’s an extortionist at work.

Suddenly, Daisy and Rose Forrest find themselves knee deep in the middle of a sinister blackmail scheme. When the post mistress turns up bludgeoned to death, Rose is attacked in her own home, and their beloved dog is brutally duct taped the sisters know they have to get to the bottom of it.

With their extraordinary mother, Angela, at their side, the ladies take on the hunt for an invaluable baseball card, a malicious prankster, and a blackmailing killer.

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