A Little Preview

 A good way to get to know a book is to hear a little bit from the characters.

Here are some of Penny’s favorite quotes from Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My.


“He looked dead. He was all floppy. What? I’m a vet? Besides I think Malcolm brought him back. He must have the gift,” said Daisy.

Rose said, “The gift? What gift would that be? Sex maniac gift? Necrophiliac gift? Malcolm’s a humper. That is exactly what he is. No wonder they told Mother that he didn’t get along with the other animals!”

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Angela replied, “I must have forgotten to tell you. My birthday was March seventeenth, but it seemed so very ethnic. While I love the Irish part of my ancestry, I really felt that I needed to pay homage to my Roman side. So I changed it to the ides of March. I’ve always liked that phrase and feel deeply connected to all things Roman.”

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Rose said, “Are you crazy? How many times have we seen the incredibly dumb ‘movie-of-the-week’ heroine go through the open door into a dark house? And how many times is she attacked by a knife wielding psycho or, at least, clunked on the head by an unknown attacker? … And what do we yell at the TV each time? We yell, ‘Don’t do it, you idiot.’  So all in all, I think we should consider the idiot factor and call someone.”

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Rose looked at Daisy thoughtfully. “I think Mother is right. It is too early for vodka. I also think a plan is brewing in that devious little brain of yours, isn’t it? I’m guessing this plan involves the dead of night and does not include a police escort.”

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Rose looked at her. “Mother, you’re already planning your ‘dead of night break-in’ ensemble, aren’t you?”                                                                                                                          

Angela replied, “I might be. Basic black is what’s called for. Perhaps a splash of red at the neck.”

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Rose said, “I can’t believe that just a month ago I was a happy, dog-free, law abiding citizen who would never have thought of breaking into other people’s shops or hiding things from the police…. Now, I’m the owner of a neurotic, hump-mobile and I’m actually contemplating breaking into a good friend’s store. I mean, really, this is nuts! Break-ins were what started all this mess!”

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