Daisy & Rose Mysteries

Coming December 15 2017 just in time for Christmas

Pushing Up Daisies

Now available for pre-order


*** These cozy mysteries offer a host of plot twists, intrigue, and enjoyable characters,

notable among this last group being the sisters’ feisty, quirky, yet insightful mother, Angela Forrest.  Jessica Driscoll, The Big Thrill


   Roses and Daisies Cover      Roses Are Dead Cover 001  

*** “Murder, blackmail and intrigue come to the streets of Bowie!” Gazette.Net

It took almost sixty years to do it, but with the publication of Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My, Penny Clover Petersen managed to begin a series of modern cozy mysteries featuring two rather nosy, cocktail-loving sisters, Daisy and Rose Forrest.

Come join them and their band of merry eccentrics as they sail on the Chesapeake Bay, take on Daisy’s ex, chase down poisonous penners and blackmailers, see ghosts, find love and some great cocktail recipes. And, of course, catch the killer!



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