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Fantasy, miracles, magic! Sometimes we all need a little of these things just to get through a day, especially when we are small and the world seems so big and unfair. I have written several stories children’s stories over the years which are now available as eBooks at Smashwords and B&N. The stories deal with some of the harder issues kids often face. A little magic and a lot of love can work miracles!

The Last Elf Cover 2

The Last Elf

This is the story of a lonely Elf named Meriandor who missed the last journey to Elvenhome many ages ago and nine year old Rosemary who lives with her grandparents to get away from family trouble. In The Last Elf Rosemary and Meriandor work together to help him return to his people. They learn a lot about the things that truly matter most in life. This gentle short story is written for children ages eight to twelve.

RRD 5x7

Rosie Riley’s Dream

Rosie is cute as she can be, smart, talented, and WEIRD! At least she thinks she’s weird. Like most kids at one time or another, Rosie feels like she doesn’t fit in with her friends. She hates being different and just wants to be like all the other kids. In Rosie Riley’s Dream, the little ballerina finds out in a magical way that “different” can also mean “special”.

An Angel for Jenny Smashwords Good 001

An Angel for Jenny

Jenny and her grandmother just loved Christmas any time of year and Jenny couldn’t imagine a Christmas without her Nanny. But this year, Nanny’s gone and Jenny must learn the secret to keeping Christmas without her.

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