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I’d love to hear from you – whether you have a comment, would like a signed copy of one of my books, or would just like to chat.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Penny,

    I was just wondering if you are same Penny Clover that used to live in Greenbelt and dated a guy from Harry Diamond Labs back in the 80’s.

    Congratulations on all of your wonderful writings.

    • Sorry, just saw this. No, I grew up in College Park and didn’t know there was another Penny Clover so close by. Wow!
      I did go to Regina High School and knew a Donna Xander. Any relation?

  2. Penny, are you Lionel (Tim) Clover’s sister? I was a close friend of Tim’s in High School and in the year or two immediately following high school. I am married to Brenda Aquino, who for a while, dated Tim and I at the same time (with our knowledge). Both of us were overwhelmed with grief when we were informed of his passing by Joe Kozic.

    There is something I need to tell you that I think you would want to know. It is important that you contact me by email and I will fill you in.

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