Pushing Up Daisies

Daisy Forrest knows a ghost when she sees one. True, Daisy has never actually seen a ghost before, but she swears their transparency is a dead giveaway.

Daisy, a volunteer tour guide at the historic Holly Hill Mansion knows that Sophia Meade Long, the woman who once owned it, has been dead since 1814. So, when a very transparent Sophia steps in front of Daisy’s little Prius one night and asks for her help, how could she refuse?

Once again Daisy and her sister, Rose, find themselves up to their eyeballs in all sorts of shenanigans – chasing ghosts, holding séances, searching for priceless Revere silver, and losing a Japanese tourist or two along the way. The sudden reappearance of their reprobate father, Dickie Forrest, with a new and unlikely interest in the occult has them puzzled to say the least, and their mother, Angela, behaving at her eccentric best.

What seems to be fairly harmless fun takes a deadly turn when Daisy stumbles on the body of the mansion’s curator in the wine cellar and she, herself, is later attacked after a Gothic evening in the mansion. When the police seemed to be stumped, it’s up to Daisy and Rose, with the invaluable help of Angela, to calm the ghost and catch a killer.