Cabin Fever or a Wintry Mix?

Cabin fever? Hah! I am suffering from the much more debilitating ‘wintry mix’. A dash of cabin fever, a soupcon of winter blahs, a modicum of arthritic knee pain, and a hefty dollop of writer’s block. That’s me.

I walk from room to room and gaze hopefully out the windows looking for anything green, any sign of spring. I did see a robin, but he just looked cold, sad and depressed, about like me.

I go from project to project. A line written here, a load of laundry there. I clean out one cupboard, only to find that I’ve dumped all of the stuff I took out into another cupboard. My to-do list is growing, but have-done list is not.

My arms don’t touch my sides for all of the layers I’m wearing. I’ve lost sixteen pounds sticking to my Weight Watchers, but who could tell?

And please don’t tell me to be thankful I’m not in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. If I were I wouldn’t have to worry about my wintry mix because I’d be in the state home for people WHO HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND FINALLY LOST IT!

To add insult to injury, or perhaps the other way around, I watched the news the other night and found that I, along with my sister and sister-in-law, might be featured players on a video made by a local pervert who runs a very nice restaurant near here.

Yes, I’m talking about cameras in the ladies room. I have been a patron of that very ladies room several times in the last few years and I have two questions about this. Who in this world gets his jollies, as my mother used to say, watching women use these facilities? And when am I getting paid for my performance?

Since there seem to be no answers to these questions, I will go now and feed the robin outside my window. He’s been looking in, probably hoping to see something green.

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